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Bay Area Bridal
Cupertino, CA | 408-517-5700 | Website
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julie ireland dressmaking
San Francisco, CA | 415-392-8484 | Website
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Black Licorice Bridal Couture
Bay Area, CA | 415-967-8894 | Website
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Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses
San Francisco, CA | 310-694-8078 | Website
Quill & Ink Creations
Campbell, CA | 408-771-4440 | Website
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Dark Garden
San Francisco, CA | 415-431-7684 | Website
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San Francisco | 415-431-8874 | Website
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Enchanted Gowns
Pinole, CA | 800-993-3550 | Website
Nika Tang
San Francisco, CA | 510-456-5395 | Website
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