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McEntyre's Bakery
Smyrna, GA | 770-434-3115 | Website
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Heart of Dixie Bakery
Newnan, GA | 770-301-1255 | Website
Creative Cakes by Jeannie
Acworth, GA | 678-401-5648 | Website
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Publix Apron's Event Planning
Alpharetta, GA | 770-751-8561 | Website
Sweet Tooth Bakery and More
Hiawassee, GA | 706-896-4597 | Website
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Christie's Sweet Treats
Fayetteville, GA | 404-461-8045 | Website
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Cake Creations by Amy
Calhoun, GA | 706-280-9477 | Website
Marie's Designer Cakes, Inc.
Cleveland, GA | 678-234-2880 | Website
Heavenly Cakes
North Augusta, SC | 706-589-6650 | Website
Three to Go Bake Shop
Carrollton, GA | 770-258-5898
Cake by Barbara
Augusta, GA | 706-399-4356
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Flour Child Cakery and Bake Shop
Hiram, GA | 678-653-8128 | Website
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Neil C. Spurlin Cakes
Augusta, GA | 706-962-1414 | Website
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