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Sara's Tipsy Pies
Stillwater, MN | 651-208-4247 | Website
Unique Cake Delights
Minneapolis, MN | 612-384-2867 | Website
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Ganache: Truffles for Every Occasion
Columbia Heights, MN | 763-913-2929 | Website
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Bellagala Wedding Cakes
Saint Paul, MN | 651-227-1202 | Website
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Cakies gourmet cupcakes
Anoka, MN | 763-614-7624
Cakes by Barb
Minneapolis, MN | 612-685-9262 | Website
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Cake Therapy Mpls
Minneapolis, MN | 612-310-1337 | Website
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Heather Lynn CupCakes
Cottage Grove, MN | 651-724-3143 | Website
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Dalles Bakery and Coffee House
Saint Croix Falls, WI | 715-483-1161
Beth's Cakes
Clontarf, MN | 320-314-8228 | Website
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Bit of Bliss Catering
Burnsville, MN | 612-875-8668
Sweets by Natalie Kay
Maple Grove, MN | 763-208-2554 | Website
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Cakes by Lissy
Minneapolis, MN | 763-257-5136 | Website
Sandi Oh's Cupcake
Saint Paul, MN | 651-319-2048 | Website
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Top Tier Cake
Sauk Rapids, MN | 320-249-8564 | Website
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Kay's Kakes
Hutchinson, MN | 320-587-7699 | Website
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Victoria Sugar Garden
Victoria, MN | 952-223-0054
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QT:) Cupcakes!
Waconia, MN | 952-215-6527 | Website
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Painted Turtle Chocolatier
Plymouth, MN | 763-550-9475 | Website
Not Just Cakes
Aitkin, MN | 218-429-0113 | Website
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