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Rockford, TN | 865-977-9850 | Website
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Music Road Resort Weddings
Pigeon Forge, TN | 865-286-1405 | Website
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Capitol Theatre
Maryville, TN | 865-980-1966 | Website
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Castleton Farms
Loudon, TN | 865-376-9040 | Website
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Christopher Place
Newport, TN | 423-623-6555 | Website
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The Grande Event Center
Knoxville, TN | 865-243-3100 | Website
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Woodland Cove B&B
Kingston, TN | 865-717-3719 | Website
Riverside Grille
Oak Ridge, TN | 865-599-6143 | Website
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Ijams Nature Center
Knoxville, TN | 865-577-4717 | Website
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Rosewood Gardens
Sevierville, TN | 865-453-1310
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Carnegie Hotel
Johnson City, TN | 423-979-6400 | Website
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