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Bridal Elegance
Ottawa, IL | 855-497-4696 | Website
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Elmhurst, IL | 630-903-6236 | Website
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Miss Pamela's Bridal Salon
Rochester, IN | 574-224-4696
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Charisma Design Studio
Westmont, IL | 630-777-4133 | Website
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Ducky's Formal Wear
Dekalb, IL | 815-754-7703 | Website
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The Wedding Center
Bourbonnais, IL | 815-933-1211
BALANI Custom Clothiers
Chicago, IL | 312-345-1535 | Website
The Red Carpet Boutique
Morton Grove, IL | 847-965-8066
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Wedding couture
Bartlett, IL | 847-401-7143 | Website
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