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Wedgewood Napa
Napa, CA | 866-966-3009 | Website
48x48_sq_1395101741963-bridal-fair-ww-napa--002 48x48_sq_1375215949530-napa-club-house-edited 48x48_sq_1395100966902-bridal-fair-ww-napa--001 48x48_sq_1395100875351-arborupclos
Harvest Inn
Saint Helena, CA | 707-963-9463 | Website
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Sbragia Family Vineyards
Geyserville, CA | 707-473-2992 | Website
48x48_sq_1380146130088-gina-and-girls 48x48_sq_1380300173458-gina-and-girls-1 48x48_sq_1380146372533-table 48x48_sq_1380146016922-flowers
Wedgewood Foxtail
Rohnert Park, CA | 866-966-3009 | Website
48x48_sq_1395099639426-bride--groom-just-marrie 48x48_sq_1366395682642-foxtailmain1 48x48_sq_1395099793151-ericaandbritten-0278-245215-2454223889- 48x48_sq_1395099668521-cake-kiss
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Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel & Spa
Santa Rosa, CA | 707-636-7100 | Website
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Jacuzzi Family Vineyards
Sonoma, CA | 707-931-7509 | Website
48x48_sq_1229721320462-frontofbuilding 48x48_sq_1229899252360-6 48x48_sq_1230406167222-picture129 48x48_sq_1227915357293-october18wedding
Crooked Vine Winery
Livermore, CA | 925-449-0458 | Website
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B.R. Cohn Winery
Glen Ellen, CA | 707-931-7930 | Website
48x48_sq_1229110925878-amphitheatercocktailhour 48x48_sq_1229111046769-amphitheatre 48x48_sq_1229111074565-cupcakes 48x48_sq_1229111083331-escortcorks
V. Sattui Winery
Saint Helena, CA | 707-963-7741 | Website
St. Francis Winery & Vineyards
Santa Rosa, CA | 888-675-9463 | Website
Church of One Tree
Santa Rosa, CA | 707-543-3285 | Website
General's Daughter
Sonoma, CA | 707-933-0450
48x48_sq_1357928473277-kimberlystephane04ceremony0003 48x48_sq_1357928498151-kimberlystephane04ceremony0006 48x48_sq_1357928512504-kimberlystephane07reception0006 48x48_sq_1357929134078-kimberlystephane04ceremony0020
Sally Tomatoes
Rohnert Park, CA | 707-665-9472 | Website
DeTurk Round Barn
Santa Rosa, CA | Website
Sheraton Sonoma County-Petaluma
Petaluma, CA | 707-283-2910 | Website
48x48_sq_1278099325832-ballroom2 48x48_sq_1278099403785-she1138ex1.38528 48x48_sq_1278099418598-snowyegret 48x48_sq_1278099435176-roomnew
The Hill House Inn
Mendocino, CA | 707-937-0554 | Website
Olympia's Valley
Petaluma, CA | 707-766-9251 | Website
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Jack London State Historic Park
Glen Ellen, CA | 707-938-5216 | Website
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Spring Ranch
Little River, CA | 415-706-0137 | Website
Prelude at The Green Music Center
Rohnert Park, CA | 707-664-2747 | Website
V. Sattui Winery
Saint Helena, CA | 707-286-7217 | Website
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