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Kara's Beads
Portsmouth, VA | 757-395-9630 | Website
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Diva Style Fashion
Newport News, VA | 757-770-8112 | Website
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BeadWizardry Designs HandCrafted Jewelry
Virginia Beach, VA | 757-406-1009 | Website
JK Creative Designs
Chesapeake, VA | 757-277-9090 | Website
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BellaNess Designs
Norfolk, VA | 757-321-0156 | Website
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Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers
Virginia Beach, VA | 757-499-7555
Angelic Queen
Hampton, VA | 888-653-5553 | Website
Jb Robinson Jewlers
Norfolk, VA | 757-461-2501 | Website
Norfolk, VA | 757-461-8261 | Website
C & C Enterprise
Norfolk, VA | 757-466-0676
Long Jewelers
Virginia Beach, VA | 757-498-1186 | Website
Kay Jewelers
Hampton, VA | 757-262-0490 | Website
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