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The Enchanted Barn
Hillsdale, WI | 715-254-1557 | Website
48x48_sq_1386960162444-enchantedbarn 48x48_sq_1386959996583-114a669 48x48_sq_1386960013439-114a735 48x48_sq_1386960029762-114a782
Profile Event Center
Minneapolis, MN | 612-378-2200 | Website
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Saint Paul, MN | 651-788-9818 | Website
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Pine Peaks Event Center
Crosslake, MN | 612-986-6800 | Website
48x48_sq_1340643194285-pinepeaks 48x48_sq_1340643197090-pinepeaks2 48x48_sq_1340643197963-pinepeaks3 48x48_sq_1340643198845-pinepeaks4
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White Bear Country Inn
White Bear Lake, MN | 651-429-5393 | Website
48x48_sq_1274990553322-briggsannoniwedding019 48x48_sq_1274990638978-briggsannoniwedding013 48x48_sq_1274990684134-briggsannoniwedding015 48x48_sq_1274990600947-briggsannoniwedding009
Mississippi Dunes Golf Links
Cottage Grove, MN | 651-768-7611 | Website
Minnesota Boat Club
Saint Paul, MN | 612-253-0255 | Website
48x48_sq_1383937634381-picture-2010-events-32 48x48_sq_1383937241047-wedding-skylin 48x48_sq_1289939851236-knotmbc9 48x48_sq_1383937203129-exterior-phot
Breezy Point Resort
Breezy Point, MN | 800-432-3777 | Website
48x48_sq_1296144785190-lodgelawn 48x48_sq_1296144822206-pavilionweddinginsession 48x48_sq_1296144386768-oldfavorite 48x48_sq_1296144526237-breezybeach
The Commons Hotel
Minneapolis, MN | 612-379-8888 | Website
48x48_sq_1394661080232-agape-wedding-photos-02 48x48_sq_1394661016173-agape-wedding-photos-02 48x48_sq_1394661050919-agape-wedding-photos-02 48x48_sq_1393957567951-commons
Kahler Grand Hotel
Rochester, MN | 507-280-6200 | Website
Medina Entertainment Center
Hamel, MN | 763-478-6661 | Website
48x48_sq_1352482398545-medina157 48x48_sq_1340996710718-ballroomdrape 48x48_sq_1340996725782-images2 48x48_sq_1340996782645-headtable
Afton Alps
Hastings, MN | Website
Hope Glen Farm
Cottage Grove, MN | 651-459-4220 | Website
48x48_sq_1350920308143-hope14 48x48_sq_1350920136576-hope1 48x48_sq_1350920304789-hope12 48x48_sq_1350920395972-hope18
Nicollet Island Pavilion
Minneapolis, MN | 612-253-0255 | Website
48x48_sq_1383936351397-outdoor-ceremon 48x48_sq_1383936328792-exterio 48x48_sq_1383936462631-nipexteriorsig 48x48_sq_1383936513671-nipwaterfal
Cindyrella's Gardens & Rosehenge Hall
Lakeville, MN | 952-938-0778 | Website
48x48_sq_1375112670334-1 48x48_sq_1375112672510-2 48x48_sq_1375112675522-3 48x48_sq_1375112677818-4
Chateau at Medicine Lake
Medicine Lake, MN | 612-253-0255 | Website
48x48_sq_1289941521096-knotchateau1 48x48_sq_1289941521611-knotchateau2 48x48_sq_1289941521908-knotchateau3 48x48_sq_1289941522252-knotchateau4
Greysolon Ballroom by Black Woods
Duluth, MN | 218-722-7466 | Website
48x48_sq_1343765942017-greyson 48x48_sq_1343765940044-greyslon 48x48_sq_1343766165444-grey1 48x48_sq_1343766166891-grey2
River Oaks Golf Course
Cottage Grove, MN | 651-438-3627 | Website
Doubletree Hotel Minneapolis Park Place
Minneapolis, MN | 952-582-5313 | Website
48x48_sq_1371743776332-0059 48x48_sq_1371743850279-0842 48x48_sq_1371743889431-devins-011 48x48_sq_1371743806819-0551
Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West
Plymouth, MN | 763-559-6600 | Website
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