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HollyHedge Estate
New Hope, PA | 215-862-3136 | Website
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Stroudsmoor Country Inn
Stroudsburg, PA | 800-955-8663 | Website
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Jericho National Golf Club
New Hope, PA | 215-862-8800 | Website
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Penn Oaks Golf Club
West Chester, PA | 484-551-3999 | Website
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Welkinweir Estate
East Nantmeal Township, PA | 610-933-6336 | Website
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The Barn on Bridge
Collegeville, PA | 610-287-8771 | Website
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Old York Road Country Club
Ambler, PA | 215-643-0180 | Website
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Baldwin Events
Bryn Mawr, PA | 610-525-2700 | Website
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Bear Creek Mountain Resort
Macungie, PA | 610-682-7100 | Website
Warrington Country Club
Warrington, PA | 215-343-1630 | Website
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