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Lovella Bridal
Glendale, CA | 818-246-4637 | Website
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The White Dress
Corona Del Mar, CA | 949-723-0121 | Website
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Panache Bridal
Beverly Hills, CA | 310-860-9221 | Website
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Love Boat Bridal
Temple City, CA | 626-292-1356 | Website
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Chantilly Bridal and Mr Tux
Newhall, CA | 661-254-1614 | Website
Rose Petals Bridal Store
Toluca Lake, CA | 818-232-7901 | Website
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Kirsten Kuehn
Los Angeles, CA | Website
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Rancho Cucamonga, CA | 909-803-8662 | Website
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Friar Tux Shop
Northridge, CA | 818-734-6898 | Website
In Style by Jose Flores
Los Angeles, CA | 323-509-9883
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Matucci Tuxedos, Tailors, & Mens Store
Redondo Beach, CA | 310-316-0070 | Website
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