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SoCal Wedding Ministers
Placentia, CA | 866-641-8110 | Website
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LA Wedding Woman
Los Angeles, CA | 323-682-8697 | Website
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Officiant Eric
Agoura Hills, CA | 818-632-1900 | Website
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Great Officiants
Long Beach, CA | 855-933-8697 | Website
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Reverend Melody
Los Angeles (and Throughout Southern California), CA | 866-493-3738
Reverend Mark Scott
Woodland Hills, CA | 818-703-9751
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Rabbi Ira & Cantor Beth
Oak Park, CA | 818-486-9685 | Website
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"I Do With You" Wedding Officiant
Los Angeles, CA | 818-634-9289 | Website
A Matrimony 4 you
Azusa, CA | 626-327-1054 | Website
Rev. Jefferson C. Beeker
North Hollywood, CA | 818-429-4421 | Website
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